A perfect adult get away at Villa Ippocampi, Crete


October 6, 2019

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My parents used to book holidays to Turkey and Marlon’s parents to France. So this year Marlon and I decided it was time for something else. We found this incredible place at Elisa Was Here: Villa Ippocampi in Crete, Greece.

The pictures on the website didn’t lie. It was absolutely fantastic. We were welcomed by the friendliest staff with a drink and information about the island. We were taken to our room, which was a pleasant surprise and didn’t disappoint.

We had a car (Hyundai I10) so we discovered Crete and its beautiful beaches first. We left early in the morning, at sunrise, to drive to Preveli. The view from where the car was parked was insane, however, we had to walk down 200 steps (see image), which wasn’t as much fun as the view haha.

We went to the beach, ate at our favorite restaurant in the village (Atrium Restaurant) and had the best coffees at the villa.

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