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Picking the right photographer is choosing how you want to look back on your memories - forever.

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the faq

waar is je locatie?

I'm located in Hoorn (Noord-Holland), the Netherlands, but I photograph for couples everywhere in the Netherlands - from Amsterdam to Utrecht and Brabant. I also travel abroad for weddings and photoshoots in Europe, such as Italy and France, but also destination weddings worldwide.

wat is je aanpak?

I want to make it a personal experience for you that you enjoy and feel comfortable with. I want to create images you’ll cherish forever and enjoy looking back at. To achieve this I believe in the following: I believe that it’s not me photographing you. It’s us creating and documenting your memories for a lifetime to look back on when you’re older. You should feel comfortable and like yourself. I help you posing and give directions, sometimes try to get you a little out of your comfort zone because I have seen your beauty even if you’re in doubt about yourself. I would never force you into awkward poses you’re not comfortable with. BE YOU.

wat is je bewerkingsstijl?

I would describe my photography style as light, romantic, elegant, timeless, dreamy and classic. I pay attention to detail and will Photoshop disturbing elements out of the image - but keep the images realistic and true to life.

hoever van te voren moeten we je boeken?

The worst thing that can happen is planning your wedding and not having one of your suppliers available. Therefore, I always suggest contacting your suppliers and photographer as soon as you know about your wedding day/month. Especially for photography it is important to hire someone you feel comfortable with and love their style. Photography is the only thing that will last forever after the actual wedding day. Check in with your photographer and see what dates are still available and make a reservation to save your date on time. 

is het mogelijk kennis te maken voor onze bruiloft?

I love personal meet ups to see if we’re a match. For your wedding I love to plan a zoomcall or a visit at your place to get to know each other a little better, find out what you’re exactly looking for and tell you more about me as a person and my working process. 

wanneer ontvangen we de foto's?

Within the first 48 hours you will receive a preview and after 6 weeks you will receive all images in your personal online gallery. I will always advice to include a 25x25 or 30x30 wedding album to make your day last forever and easy to look back on. The album will be send to you 9 weeks after your wedding date.

Zijn de uiteindelijke foto's met jouw logo?

No, the images will not include my logo. I believe that the images should be yours to use and I trust my couples to give credits by tagging me on social media. Also, I think that using a logo will decrease the fine art, classy style that you're used to from me.

Is het mogelijk de onbewerkte foto's te ontvangen?

It’s not possible to receive RAW or unedited photos. The photos you like are like that because of my photography and editing style. Without this the image wouldn’t be my finished product. 

moeten we een fotolijst maken van de gewenste foto's?

I believe you have enough on your list already. Meaning no, you don’t have to create a whole shotlist of photos. I do prefer knowing what you really love and if there’s anything specific you want to have. For instance, if you want something on your wall at home or a photo to use for your “thank you” cards after the wedding. 

Worden onze foto's gepubliseerd?

Seeing my final results online helps couples to decide if I'm a good match for their wedding. Also, I love creating images on your beautiful wedding and I'm proud to show the effort you've put in every detail I got to capture. I do respect your opinion if you don't want your images shown online. Please let me know so I'm aware of what I can or cannot share. Whenever I want to publish your wedding anywhere else than my own social media, e.g. in a magazine, your permission should be asked first.

wat mogen wij doen met de foto's?

The images are yours to use for your thank-you-cards after the wedding, share on social media or print for your walls in home. I'd really appreciate it if you'd tag me online. If you want your photos to be published somewhere in a magazine, please let me know before hand. 

wanneer ben je aanwezig op de bruiloft?

I will be present on your wedding location before everyone arrives to do a (final) check of the location for light and location changes and have contact with the location to see if there’s recent information that I should be aware of. I always make sure I’ll be there a little earlier, just in case of traffic jams etc. Better safe than sorry. 

wanneer worden de bruidsmeisjes gefotografeerd?

I'm located in Hoorn (Noord-Holland), the Netherlands, but I photograph for couples everywhere in the Netherlands - from Amsterdam to Utrecht and Brabant. I also travel abroad for weddings and photoshoots in Europe, such as Italy and France, but also destination weddings worldwide.

moeten we diner/eten voor je regelen?

During the day it’s nice to have something to eat. I’ll bring my own snack for when there is a little bit of time to eat, but for diner it’d be great to have an arranged meal. This can be the same meal as offered to guests but can be eaten in another room. 


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