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I’ve spent most of my life capturing memories. I grew up in the East of the Netherlands and Amsterdam and enjoyed the beautiful change of landscapes. Then I studied hotel and event management at Tio University and rediscovered my love for travel. Now I'm combining capturing brand's powerful stories and lovers' genuine moments and loving memories around the globe.


My passion for story telling is also seen in my hotel, restaurant and brand photography. Here it all comes together — great partnerships, branding, styling, planning and execution. I love what I do and I hope you cannot only see, but also feel that when watching my work. 

matter into images has always been my purpose when capturing any of my work — from the beaches of Aruba, to the mountain tops of Cappadocia, to the skyscrapers of London and beyond. Freezing a beautiful memory in time otherwise forgotten, everywhere I go.

After my study and working for some top hotels, I was craving for something more and began my own career as couple and wedding photographer. I specialized in story telling and felt a deep love for light, airy and artistic – yet natural photographs. Translating stories that

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images without a shelf-life

I truly believe that images are the magic to relive moments that are close to your heart. I want to create images with deeper meaning. The stories, moments and feelings that you want to remember and look back on years from now - images without a shelf-life. That's why all my shoots are including an album and/or prints.  

For me, this is the most important aspect of my job. I can create beautiful images, but if you don't feel like yourself or feel comfortable you'll notice this in the final images immediately. So I'm making sure you feel relaxed, have fun and please don't worry about posing. That's what I'm here for.

what is important to you?

feeling comfortable & being yourself

My personal archive of wanderlust & wander

Traveling and taking photos all over the world for the last decade, I share my personal photography archive—and offer limited series to support organizations dear to her heart.

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My favorite books, podcasts, programs and apps to use - you'll find them all here. So you can start creating images yourself or have a little help by starting as a photographer.


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